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Join us in supporting refugees into meaningful, sustainable employment


Integrating People into the Workforce

  • We are working to integrate refugees into society and the workforce in their new country, through our work with the Tent Partnership for Refugees and UNHCR, providing upskilling and reskilling opportunities and more.

  • We are adapting our Manpower MyPath associate upskilling program to accelerate refugees to be ready for new roles; assessing, training and coaching those that need it, and finding assignments fast for those people ready to work right now.

  • We are working with clients to review hiring requirements to fill vacancies and open job opportunities, and adapt roles - especially for women who make up a high proportion of the refugees.

  • We are working across countries to swiftly leverage the EU Temporary Protection Directive to help people move to where their skills are needed most, and advise on what documentation people need to work in that country.

Supporting Humanitarian Efforts

  • Globally we have announced a $500,000 donation to aid humanitarian relief efforts through local and global organizations including UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. This donation will support efforts on the frontline to deploy relief items, provide cash assistance to those impacted and to support child welfare.

  • We are providing direct, immediate humanitarian support on the ground – our own employees are volunteering their time and resources collecting gathering emergency supplies, clothing and food, providing safe transport for women and children, and some are even opening their homes to provide shelter.

  • We are locating and supporting our impacted Ukrainian associates across Europe and working with our clients to provide our people with financial assistance and early pay to enable safe transit out of major cities and danger zones.


We thank our employees for their continued generosity and participation in these efforts. We will continue to be agile in our response and extending our expertise and resources in helping refugees find work, to resettle, reskill and find meaningful work.

This page will be updated regularly to reflect ongoing developments. We are deepening our commitment and efforts to work together on challenges that none of us can solve alone.

We are committed to rising to the moment, guided by our values and to being One ManpowerGroup - because we believe meaningful and sustainable employment has the power to change the world.