Identify Your Skills and
Strengths in Just Minutes

Behavioral-based career advice to help you find a job you love

SkillsInSight is a proprietary ManpowerGroup assessment you can take to receive immediate feedback on what your personality traits say about your strengths and opportunities in the workforce.

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Take the Assessment to Identify Your Skills and Strengths in Just Minutes

Countless insights to strengthen your resume.

Develop your career path in 4 easy steps:

  1. Answer questions about your work preferences.
  2. View personality results
  3. Search career opportunities that match your personality
  4. Apply for positions that spark your interest.

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Explore careers that could be right for you.

With SkillsInSight assessment, in just minutes you’ll receive insight on your likelihood of success in any role by evaluating 3 key areas:

SkillsInSight-Icon Likeability


How friendly, cooperative and rewarding are you to work with?

SkillsInSight-Icon Ability


What’s your capacity for solving problems, identifying patterns and thinking critically?

SkillsInSight-Icon Drive


How organized, motivated and goal-orientated are you?

Your assessment results will include:

  • Three badges indicating your top personality traits based on a model that helps match personalities to careers
  • Workplace advice, relating to your score, that indicates how to balance your weaknesses and play to your strengths

Predictive Performance For Employers

The SkillsInSight assessment can strengthen an organization’s talent strategy by providing detailed insights based on data and analytics.


Gather detailed insights on an individual's likely fit for a role


Support talent decisions when combined with a structured interview

SkillsInSight-Icon Hand holding accelerating Graph

Improve employee mobility by aligning capabilities and potential to an organization's gaps

SkillsInSight-Icon-10 Group Network

Reduce talent acquisition costs via better fit

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