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Managing Uncertainty – Planning for the Future

"Now is the time for strong leadership and early, resolute action if we are to flatten the curve and reduce the speed of contagion from the virus. That needs to be our primary priority right now, above all else. This is a healthcare crisis first, causing economic hardship in many industries and businesses, especially those that rely on social interactions as part of their day-to-day operations. If we mitigate the healthcare impact, we will alleviate the economic consequences.

We do not know how long this situation will last, or the significance of its impact, but we do know that with the right people and swift actions, we can manage this challenge and come out stronger in the end."

- Jonas Prising, Chairman and CEO, ManpowerGroup

To our ManpowerGroup clients:

Like all organizations we have been monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19, and as the situation has evolved rapidly across the world, the health and wellbeing of our people continues to be our utmost priority.

Our Global Business Response Team is leading global, regional and country Business Response Teams across all our markets to prepare, update and execute robust business continuity plans via our talented teams. Each country Business Continuity Team has a local Business Continuity Plan with interim mitigation and recovery guidelines and procedures for all our business unit operations, and for maintaining and resuming to normal situation.

We are anticipating and responding to this fast-changing situation day-by-day, taking the appropriate and necessary steps to ensure people’s well-being, adapting our resources to where they are most needed for essential roles in critical services, and providing you with the solutions you need.


To our ManpowerGroup People, Associates and Consultants:

Your health, wellbeing and safety are our top priority. You should feel confident that we are taking every necessary step to keep you safe during this time. These include:

  • Introducing safe environments with reduced sized teams and adapted shift patterns that allow social distancing, deep cleaning and significant additions to hygiene provisions so people can get much needed critical jobs done
  • Where possible putting in place the tech, tools and security that allows you to work remotely
  • Anticipating and responding to the fast-changing situation daily, communicating regularly and complying with national and regional authorities for the latest World Health Organization health and safety standards

We’re here for those who want to find new roles too – we are working around the world to support people to transition and upskill for positions in essential services where it is safe to do so.  And we’re here to help you build skills for the future, curating the most in- demand courses and providing learning resources for candidates and associates.

Want to Build Skills for the Future?

Take advantage of ManpowerGroup’s relationship with Skillsoft and enjoy 60-days of free access to thousands of online training courses available on desktop and mobile.  Building business skills will enhance your employability in any role or field.

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